Online Brand Management

Our Online Brand Management service is mainly focused on following segments :

  • Monitor Your Brand Online
  • Protect Your Brand Online
  • Social Media Management Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of technical processes that push your web pages into the top rank positions of Google and the other major engines. Simply put, it is the essential, critical process that helps you “get found,” and compete successfully on the Net.

The Benefits of SEO

  • Focuses your site on the best keywords for your business
  • Creates the right design and the right names, code and language for your site
  • Establishes the right navigation, site structure, and usability features for your site
  • Gets links to your site from hundreds of other sites
  • Gets your site placed in search engines, directories, and social media.

The Unique Power of SEO

We see each project as a consulting opportunity, and work with you each step of the way—not only to promote you in the search engines, but to develop your overall online marketing plan. As you grow, you engage our services more deeply.

Pay Per Click Marketing


Pay per click advertising is the power that drives Google, Yahoo, and billions of dollars of business worldwide. For most online merchants, success starts here.

  • Expert level traffic targeting.
  • Maximum exposure at reduced cost.
  • Continuous analysis and on-the-fly program modification
  • Top conversion rates and top ROI

Why you need expert management

Since its introduction in 1998, pay per click advertising has evolved its own elaborate technology. In fact, it’s what created the revenue stream that built Google. The upshot: technology, complexity, constant change. Even expert online marketers don’t have the time, expertise, or patience to manage an effective PPC campaign. It requires background, focus, continued analysis, and correct “steerage” as the campaign moves forward (or the rules change.)
This means you need a whole team behind you—one that has the background, the skills, the time, and your best interests in mind. And one that will be totally accountable for results.

Social Media Optimization

social media

SMO is an action concept that generates both immediate publicity and higher search engine rankings. Its promise is unique. It works through social portals, online meeting places, and community websites. Its methods include RSS feeds, blogs, news forums- and using the buzz power of Flickr, YouTube, Digg, MySpace, and the sites that have “turned up the volume” on the Net. These sites are the hubs that pull millions of hits by the hour and that energize the search engines.

Supercharge Your Online Marketing Efforts With The Hottest New Technology

Like standard search engine marketing, SMO drives higher search engine rankings - a primary benefit. Social media listings pump search rankings more rapidly than standard links because they are current and dynamic, and the pages acquire substantial traffic. These factors move Google and the other engines to respond with vigor. But the huge upside is that SMO drives traffic directly. In short, SMO supercharges your online marketing by invoking the hottest and most current technologies available.

Local SEO

local seo

Local SEO is the perfect starting point for small business owners who wish to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while not spending a fortune. (You may actually spend less than the cost incurred in getting listed in printed yellow pages and directories!).

The Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO gets you found when someone is looking for something that you offer in your locality. The results are that you get more:

  • Foot traffic to your physical location
  • Prospective Calls
  • Prospective Emails
  • Brand Highliting

News Latter Marketing

news latter

Creating a newsletter can achieve many objectives and therefore you must decide on which are most important to you. Do you want to use the newsletter to facilitate increased traffic, enable capture of marketing information, push direct sales, improve public relations, generate product feedback or foster loyalty? Your newsletter needs to be tailored to the needs and objectives of your business in this regard.

Generating repeat traffic is one of the easier objectives to attain via a newsletter - including relevant links to certain areas of your site, or featuring competitions / special offers can all drive traffic to your site.

Blog Marketing

blog marketing

Search engine friendly blogs have become one of the most important online web tools that are generating a tremendous amount of traffic and web site exposure from search engines and targeted visitors.

Active blogs drive targeted traffic to web sites as a result of the search engines listings they create. Additionally, tons of targeted online web visitors and readers look for blogs related to subject matter they have an interest in knowing more about.

The end result... is that all this means much higher online sales and profits for your web site business! Get Blog Marketing and Blog Promotion service working for you today!

All the over written services are offered in single or package basis. Please contact us for further details.